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White Orchid with Relaxing Massage

$2,490.00 MXN

$2,429.00 MXN

White Orchid with Relaxing Massage

The best way to show your love is with a beautiful orchid symbol of eternal love, pure and faithful. A delicate white orchid is perfect to represent a beautiful detail, that special person will never forget.

Gift specifications:

  • 1 certificate of relaxing massage of 50 minutes in O.SPA.SALÓN in Valle Oriente. The certificate expires 6 months after the delivery date.
  • Black Litmus Base (Decorative)
  • Card
  • Average Height 65 - 70cm

It does not include the following items: figure, candle or flavoring
The orchid does not include the black ribbon

Advice enviaflores.com:
To make your surprise even more incredible, don't forget to visit our additional section and add an elegant perfume or a chocolate from our exclusive selection.

Promise enviaflores.com:
Our orchids are brought from our nurseries, each of them has the necessary cuckoo to preserve roots, flowers and stems. We guarantee that with the proper care and irrigation this plant can rejoice your space for a long time.

Recommended care:
As the orchid is a very elegant and delicate plant, it requires special care. We recommend the following:
Place the plant in open places.
Water with bottled water and only what is necessary, the plant must be moist but not filled with water.
Water with Vaporizer in hot months.
Dip the plant in water for a few minutes for water absorption in all roots.

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