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Relaxing Massage with White Mini Orchid

$1,930.00 MXN

Relaxing Massage with White Mini Orchid

Gift your loved ones a unique momento with a relaxing massage and a beautiful white mini orchid that can decorate every space.

Gift Specifications

  • Floiage
  • Glass cilinder
  • card
  • average hight: 25-30 cm
  • 1 50 minute relaxing massage certificate in O.SPA.SALÓN in it's Valle Oriente office branch. Certificate expires 6 months after delivery date.

Tip enviaflores.com:
Remember to visito our aditionals selection and add some chocolates or a balloon for your sorprise.esa aún más especial.

Enviaflores.com promise:
Our orchids are borught form our plant nurserys, every one of them has the necesary care to mantain their roots and petals.

Recomended Care.:
The orchid is a delicate but elegant plant that need special care. We recomend:

  • Mantain the plant in open sapces
  • Water it with bottled water and only what's needeed. The plant needs to be humid, not filled with water.
  • Use a vaporizer in hot months
  • Submerge the plant on water for the maximum absorbtion of water of it's roots.
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