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Abrazo de Cielo Candle and 12 White Roses and Lilys in Vase

$1,195.00 MXN

Abrazo de Cielo Candle and 12 White Roses and Lilys in Vase

Show your love and unconditional support whit this candle and floral arrangement. The light of this candle will transform to a inmortal love hug. This essence will allow you to feel whitout touch and remember that they´ll always be whit you.

The memories. of they light will always be whit you.

Gift specifications:

-12 white roses
-5 stems of white lilys
-Glass Vase
-Card and ribbon

Candel specifications:

  • Soy Candle whit lavander essence.
  • Contains 225 ml.

Tip enviaflores.com:
You can add a bottle of wine, a teddy or a flower bouquet to complete your gift.

Enviaflores.com promise:
Floral arrangement carefully elaborated by our experts, always picking fresh, beautiful and high quality flower. The lilys can be delivered closed to extend the life of the arrangement.

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