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Gift Sugar Free Chocolates and Roses

$990.00 MXN

Gift Sugar Free Chocolates and Roses

Enviaflores.com and Caramela present this gift of the Sugar Free Line sweetened with maltitol. Especially for those people who prefer to take more care of their diet, accompanied by beautiful roses combined.

Gift specifications

  • 60% cocoa chocolate bar,
  • 60% cocoa chocolate bar with hazelnuts
  • 60% cocoa chocolate bar with gojiberries, coconut and almond
  • 60% cocoa chocolate bar with quinoa and lyophilized banana
  • 12 roses combined in vase with bow
  • Card and envelope for message

Enviaflores.com Tip:
Complement your gift with a bottle of wine from our selection of additional.

Enviaflores.com Promise:
Foods made with the highest quality ingredients.

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