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Gift toffe and bouquet 12 red roses

$890.00 MXN

Gift toffe and bouquet 12 red roses

Arrangement specifications:

  • Golden metallic girl sphere, varied toffee content 260 grs.
  • Includes ribbon with bow (color may vary)
  • Dial dimensions: 9 cm height x 15 diameter
  • Bouquet with Bow and Card
  • The type of paper for the bouquet may vary according to availability
  • Includes Ribbon and Card
  • Average height: 50 cm

enviaflores Tip:
Don't forget to add an exclusive gift from our selection of wines and chocolates to complement this perfect flower arrangement.

enviaflores promise:
Artistically hand-made floral arrangement created by our expert florists, always selecting the most beautiful fresh cut flowers.

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